So many gods to choose from…

The question I get asked the most by friends of mine who are unbelievers is, “Out of all the religions in the world, how do you know yours is the right one?” This used to be a question that scared me. I just didn’t know how to respond . And I feel that most Christians are the same way. So now that I’m a bit older/wiser… Let me share with you my opinion.

First, all the claims in the Bible are based on public events that can actually be historically verified. Any other religion, out the hundreds we see today, can’t be historically tested. You have to just have blind faith alone to believe it!

Think about it like this, someone of the Islamic faith has to trust fully in an encounter that Muhammad had. And there is no way at all to verify that this encounter ever happened! Buddhism and Hinduism aren’t historic faiths, and they have no claims of events that can actually be investigated by their believers. You can either adopt their philosophy or not. You can apply this logic to ANY religion other that Christianity and you will see, There are no historic events that lay a foundation of faith, and, none give historic details to important events.

Christianity was started after a PUBLIC ministry by Jesus Christ. Then He was crucified PUBLICLY. He then rose from a PUBLIC tomb and then PUBLICLY showed himself to a group of PUBLIC people! Then these people went out and told everyone they could! This was all verified by many witnesses and documented.

Every single other religion besides Christianity was started by, a PRIVATE dream about god, a PRIVATE idea about god, or a PRIVATE angelic encounter with god. Then that ONE person would go and tell people what they themselves saw.

The amazing thing about Christianity is there is so much historical data that can be tested! It’s absolutely amazing, and we are the only religion that can provide that!

Another point I like to make when questioned about this is, If Christianity isn’t real, If Jesus was just a man, and if the Bible is just a “book”, then why is the world so afraid of it? Why do other religions want to behead us? Why do they want to burn our book? Why do they want to take our ten commandments down from the front of our capitol building? Why can’t we talk about it or teach it in schools? Why are Christian’s being targeted and shot here in the US? The reason is, Satan is real, he roams our Earth and he hates us! People who don’t have Christ in their life have a sin nature and they hate the TRUTH. No other religion is targeted like us because they don’t have what we have!

If you go deer hunting in the woods and you see a dead deer on the ground, that’s not the one you shoot. You’re looking for the one that’s alive and moving. These other religions are left alone because they are dead. But Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus are so full of LIFE that we will constantly be attacked by those who don’t believe because Satan has blinded them and trained them to reject the truth!

And my final thought is this. I have a relationship with Jesus. He talks to me. I hear him. He loves me. I feel him. I had a physical disease on my face and he healed me the day I was supposed to go in for laser surgery. We canceled the appointment. This is just me. I have heard thousands upon thousands of other stories greater than mine of how Jesus healed them, delivered them, spoke to them, changed them, made their lives better! But I haven’t heard ONE story like that from a Muslim, Buddhist, or a Mormon.

I have no doubt my God is real, alive and with me everyday. If you cant say that about your god…. You may want to rethink what you’ve got yourself into. #justsayin



Remember your past? Jesus Doesnt.

I’ve met so many Christians that actually think that being born again just means to change your ways. To act better. To straighten up. And yet over time I see them go right back to their old ways. To the person they used to be.

The reason is, they haven’t grasped the concept of 2 Cor. 5:17 that says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, He is a NEW Creation! The old has passed away; behold the NEW has come!” What this means is that once you receive Jesus Christ as the lord of your life, there is no more BEFORE! You have to truly see this as being born again! When a baby is born, he has no past. Nothing to compare to. Everything he does and learns is brand new! All a baby knows is the love of his parents! That is what the Bible is trying to show us. When we accept Christ, we no longer have a past. All we have is His love and a bright future!

It makes me sad to see people try to earn what has already been given to them. God is not about behavior modification. He is all about soul transformation! When I see people try and earn Gods love and salvation it reminds of an adult at Christmas. We try to think who will be buying us gifts. How much will they spend? Then we go out and try to buy those same people gifts for as close to the dollar amount as we think they will be spending on us. We are not giving or receiving out of love, but rather obligation. When truthfully, what God wants is for us to be like a child on Christmas morning! Tearing through gifts so fast with such great joy and extremely thankful that all this is for him! He never stops to think if he needed to get anything in return. Or maybe now he needs to do some extra work around the house to make up for all the money that was spent on these gifts. No, he receives freely with no condemnation or guilt whatsoever! WE need to be like that.

We need to realize that no matter what our past looked like… Its all gone now! Jesus knows your entire past and your entire future and he will NEVER hold either of them against you! One of the greatest scriptures in the bible has to be Romans 8:1. There is therefore NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. How powerful is that?! That scripture is so freeing! Why should you sit around and feel horrible about all the things you USED to do when Jesus isn’t even thinking, or worrying about that!

So now, once you realize that you are truly brand new, you have to walk it out! You need to live your life daily with a spirit of excellence. Because thats what God has given you!

Something I have really grasped recently is that you do not have to beg God for what he has already given you! This is a part of being a new creation that I am just fully recognizing. When I learned this a few months ago it was a mighty revelation to me! It has completely changed the way I pray. I am now thanking God daily for what His word says I have! This first day I started doing this I woke up speaking how blessed I was, and how His favor was on my life. I said that allowed and to myself all day. That evening I had a complete stranger tell me he felt like God wanted Him to bless me with $100! I was completely blown away! I couldn’t believe God was so quick to honor His word!

Now, I know it wont always happen like this. However, I felt in this instance God was just saying, Yes! This is confirmation that you get it! You’re doing it right! This is what I want for you! Every day since, I start my days by thanking God for what He has already set aside for me. I let Him know I choose to walk in His blessing and favor!

But there is a flip side, because I understand that every time you are given a revelation, you will be met with a challenge in that area. So while thanking God for being blessed and receiving his favor, He gave me a new job. I had been looking for 4 months and He brought me a job with the exact amount of money I need and the hours I need. However…. I do not like the work. I don’t like the location, the drive, the uniform, etc. So the first few days I started to complain, and let everyone know how much I hated it. I told God this is not what I was looking for!!! Then he showed me that this was a gift. This was where he needed me right now. And my attitude changed. Now I look forward to every opportunity while I’m there to talk about Him! To make this job a true blessing! Amen!!

So, all I’m really trying to say is, being a “New Creation” to me means, I have brand new start with Christ in my life! My past failures and mistakes don’t matter anymore! With Christ I can now chart my course with victory and success! I am not condemned and He who has begun a good work in me, WILL see it through until the day of completion!

Be blessed!! I AM!

Kelly K



“WHOSOEVER” – Dylann Roof included?

You know what I think is awesome?  Of course you don’t know,  so I’ll tell you!

Everyone knows John 3:16. If you’re confused, that’s the verse that comes pre written on football gloves and baseball mits…  Ha.  However as well as we all know that verse I think there is one word in there we all skim over without giving it the proper credit…

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

We all understand the importance and the main point of the this message,  that if we accept Jesus we will have external life.  But what I think is so awesome is the “whosoever”  part.

Do you realize how amazing that is?  That means ANYONE who wants to be saved can be.


That means gay, straight, black white,  murderer, thief, good person,  bad person,  liars, rich,  poor,  Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner,  or even Dylann Roof….

Oh…  That kind of stings a little…  Cause he just shot and killed people in a church… Would God really forgive HIM!? 

Well,  he actually already did. Even Dylann Roof is included in that “whosoever”.  Now, I’m not saying God is pleased with what happened,  and I hope I dont get more comments about why do bad things happen…  Cause I don’t know why. But I know John 16:33 says,  “You will have suffering in this world.” He didn’t say you might – he said it is going to happen.

Anyway,  God doesn’t condone our sin, but because of Jesus dying on the cross,  all our sins are paid for,  so we can all be a part of that whosoever.

Now I don’t know if Dylann Roof will take advantage of this amazing gift,  but I do know he has the option. And if he calls on the name of the Lord,  and asks for forgiveness, weather anyone on this earth wants him to have it or not,  God will give it to him. Because Jesus paid for it for him so long ago.

I only my write all this because of this quote I read in this article HERE.

“I will never be able to hold her again, but I forgive you,” a daughter of Ethel Lance said. “And have mercy on your soul. You hurt me. You hurt a lot of people but God forgives you, and I forgive you.”

As I read that, I tried to put myself the best I could in that situation…  Would I be able to forgive him if he had shot my wife?  My son?  My mom?  As I sit here now and type this and think about it,  it brings tears to my eyes. The thought of someone so selfishly taking away someone I love for such selfish reasons… Could I forgive them?

I’ve been  thinking about this for over an hour as I work my booth at the trade show today and the  all of a sudden I looked up and saw this sign 2 booths down…


There’s another whosoever… So I as I ponder could I forgive him?  God straight-up told me,  “why not?  My son died for that already….  The same mercy and grace I’ve been extended in your life can belong to Dylann Roof just as easily.”

So as takes over the country,  and we all post horrible things on social media,  I want to challenge you to spend the time you were going to use posting that status to say a prayer instead. Pray for Dylann. Or pray for another “whosoever”  that you know that may need Jesus and his love and grace. 

I don’t want to downplay the horrible tragedy that took place. It was horrible. Absolutely. I just want to show you another perspective on how to react to it…

God has enough love and mercy and grace to cover us all. And weather we except it or not,  all our sins have already been paid for. You are the whosoever that John 3:16 is talking about.

Remember that,  John 3:16 was written about YOU.

To those who use well what they have been given…

I’ve been on a mission lately to try and share my faith with as many people as I can on a daily basis. Not to try and push my beliefs on anyone,  but just to try and be a good example of the love of Jesus Christ.

In doing this I’ve had numerous people tell me things along the line of,  I’m not a Christian but I try and treat people the way I want to be treated. Or, I was saved a long time ago,  I don’t go to church or anything but I have my own sort of thing goin with God. Or,  yeah,  Jesus was a good guy, he had good principals. Or even, yeah I go to church,  so I’m saved. Basically lots of people are very willing to admit that they KNOW Jesus in some form or fashion,  and they want it to be known that they are good people. And don’t get me wrong,  there is nothing wrong with being a good person, or trying to live a good life. Those are both awesome things!! Let the record show,  I am for these things… Haha

However,  I wonder how many of us actually know there is more to it than that? Once you KNOW Jesus or even know ABOUT him, you now have a choice to make… 1. Serve Him.  Or 2. Don’t. There really is no in between.

Now I’m not trying to say everyone needs to be a preacher once they know Jesus, or you have to become a missionary now…  Nothing like that. But decisions have to be made and there should be a conscious effort on your part to do something with the knowledge you have about how truly amazing Jesus is.

Let’s take the story Jesus tells in Luke 19:12-27 for example. I want to post the text but it’s extremely long. So I will just give you the story in my words but I encourage you to read it on your own as well.

Jesus is basically telling a story to explain that he will be going away to heaven to be crowned but will then be coming back for us. But he has a job for us to do in the meantime. So in the story a man is going off to be crowned and prepare to rule the country. Before he leaves he calls his servants to him and gives them each a coin and tells them they are in charge of that till he comes back.  As soon as he leaves, a bunch of people in the city try and make a petition to not let him become the ruler  because they hate him….  Finally the man comes back,  crowned and ready to rule the country. He calls his servants that he gave the coins to and has them come back.

The first servant comes to him and says,  here I’ve doubled what you left me in charge of!  And the man says good job!  For that I will put you in charge of 10 cities! Then the second servant come and says, here, I’ve gained a 50% increase on what you left me in charge of!  And the man says,  good job! For that I will put you in charge of 5 cities!  Then the third servant comes and says,  I know how you are about your things so I hid your money while you were gone and kept it safe for you. Here it is,  exactly what you left me with. This made the man angry and he said, if you really knew me,  then why wouldn’t you have at least put this in the bank so it would have at least made a little interest!?  Then he takes away what he had given him and gave it to the servant who had doubled what he was in charge of. The people who were around were like,  he already has a bunch,why give him more?  And the man says,  to those who use well what they have been given,  will be given even more. And those who do nothing with what they are given,  even the little they have will be taken away. Then he address all those who tried and petition for him not to be in charge and he has them all removed/killed…  Depends on what version you read….

Anyway, this story is essentially a very plain and simple vision of what we are expected to do and what will be our reward for doing it.

Jesus was obviously the man going off to be crowned. Meaning he’s going to heaven but will be back soon. We,  as Christians, who claim we know Jesus are the servants. The coins he gives us are an example of the work he wants us to do.  Meaning, he has given us something very valuable and he wants us to make the most of it and increase what he has put us in charge of. Then lastly the people who hated him are the representation of the people who choose to deny or not follow Jesus. 

So God is giving us these coins. He is giving us a job to share with the world the amazing,  valuable, unbelievable love of Jesus. And one day he’s going to return for us. And he will ask us,  what did you do with what I gave you? 

If you look at your life right now, from the moment you decided to serve Jesus till today….  What have you done with that investment?  Have you shared it?  Have you helped grow God’s Kingdom?  Have you shown love to those who Seemingly don’t deserve your love?

I don’t know about you, but on the day Jesus asks me what I did, I do not want to reply that I hid his love away. That I kept it all to myself. I want to come running to him,  happy to show him what I did!  And again,  it’s not about being a minister or a missionary. It’s as easy as helping someone who needs help, praying with someone who needs prayer,  loving someone who feels unloved, inviting someone to church….  Its all very basic and it’s all very easy, but I think sometimes we get to busy, or feel to uncomfortable, and we let these moments and opportunities slip right past us.

So today I want you to remember what Jesus said,  to those who use well what they have been given,  will be given even more. The more you do for others, the more God wants to do for you!  On earth and in heaven!  God will most definitely bless you now for the work you are doing, but you’re also storing up rewards in heaven!! 

And also remember the flip side, And those who do nothing with what they are given,  even the little they have will be taken away. I can’t pretend to know the full extent to that statement, but I also don’t want to find out. I know that when God can trust us with little, he will give us a whole lot!!  So only makes since that if he can’t trust you at all,  it can easily be taken away.

I’m not into Christian scare tactics to lead people to Jesus. I’m just all about loving people and showing them they don’t need to change they just need to meet my amazing God. So don’t think I’m saying all that to scare you into telling people about Jesus. What I’m Actually trying to do is get you to focus on the awesome blessings God has for you for doing something that’s extremely easy and that you should want to do anyway!!!

I want to encourage you all today, to show someone how amazing Jesus is! In whatever way that is for you!!  Because I know for a fact,  that blessing someone else’s day, will actually bless yours even more!  And not to mention, God will be so pleased with even the smallest of actions, and I love to please the God who gave everything so that I could be free and saved forever! Amen!!

God is good,  oh so good!