An evening to remember…

You know, my entire life I’ve looked up to bands and have always been a bit star struck with certain musicians or singers…  I even remember the first time I got to see the Alkaline Trio live and had tears in my eyes during the opening song…  And I remember the first time I got to meet and hangout with Matt Skiba, the lead singer for the Trio. It was nothing short of magical!

For over 30 years music had been the focal point of my life.  However,  about a year ago when I really started focusing on Jesus, I didn’t even notice at first,  but I started listening to music less and less and preaching and sermons more and more…. 

Now I hardly watch movies,  listen to music, play music or anything like that.  I’ve really gained such a hunger and desire for God, that the only entertainment I really want is more of Him! Weather at home or in my truck,  I’m listening to Judah Smith, Carl Lentz, Steven Furtick or Craig Groschel!

All of that to say,  it was such a cool feeling to get excited to go hear a preacher tonight!!  I looked forward to it,  I posted on Facebook about it,  I invited friends…  It was the same feeling I used to get for concerts,  but now for a preacher! 

They way I felt tonight going to see Judah Smith preach was nothing short of the first time I saw my favorite band! Taking my daughter to see a preacher and her being excited to hear the word of God like I was, was one of the best feelings in the world to me!!  Then when she and I got to meet Judah at the end of the night,  and we were both so exited, she was shaking,  and I was thrilled…. I just can’t explain how happy I was that God has given me such a joy and passion for his word!!!

This isn’t my normal type of blog…  I just wanted to reflect on this night,  and write about it so I remember the joy I felt tonight…  God is good! Oh so good!!!