Ok, so this is an open letter to someone who commented on my wife’s blog yesterday about the bikini girl getting taken down by the police. If you would like to read the blog she wrote or don’t know what I’m talking about, go here first.  Bikini Girl Goes Down Also,  make sure you read the comment that was posted.


This blog is a letter to the woman who left the comment….

Dear Outraged Human,

I wanted to reply to your reply on my wife’s blog because I found your comment so ridiculous that it was almost humorous. First let me point out something before I dissect your comment, I completely respect your right to post and say whatever you want. I also believe in loving people no matter what and I try not to judge anyone. That’s not my job, even though some people put me to the test….

That being said I do not intend for this to be a hate letter,  I just think you need to find a new perspective.

So let’s look at some of the things you said in your comment… Or even let’s start by looking at the name you selected to leave the comment. “Outraged Human”.  So you were so Outraged that you didn’t want anyone to know who was behind these words you were throwing around?  I said I defend your right to post whatever you want,  but at least be woman enough to own up to what you’re saying. We know you’re Outraged, I got that from the text. But how about instead let’s be real and open and have a conversation instead of just bashing someone you don’t know. Or do you know us?  And maybe that’s why you used that name?  Either way,  own your opinion. Don’t hide. That’s weak.

And what about “Please don’t post blogs about something when you don’t know what you are talking about.”  and, “Sigh just do yourself a favor and take this blog post down because this is just rubbish.”   Soooo you’re saying YOU can post any opinion YOU want but another person can’t write THEIR personal opinion on their own blog?  Hahaha this is hilarious to me!  You are, by definition, a complete hypocrite here!  I mean,  come on,  even the definition of BLOG is, ” A website containing a writer’s own experiences, observations, opinions, etc”.  Why would someone need to take down their opinion because of your opinion!?  I could keep going on this but let’s move to the serious stuff here…

You said,  “as a mother.. If you watched this and saw the way he Manhandled a LITTLE girl and your still saying that the children were being loud and rowdy.. Did you ever think the children were scared?”  Let me retort… 1. The children,  teenagers actually, I believe should have most definitely been afraid. If I saw cops run onto the scene where there is fight and other pandemonium going on around me, that would be scary. And because of that, I would be as good as I possibly could be and as respectful as possible to those officers so they could easily realize I’m not a threat….  2. We actually have 2 daughters, ages 14 and 10. And if either of them ever disobeyed and was completely defiant to a police officer out of nothing but rebellion, I hope he manhandles my LITTLE girl to the ground and handcuffs them, and teaches them that the law is the law, and it will be respected. However my daughter WON’T do that to a police office because they have been taught respect. So I’m not worried about this situation happening to my little girls. In fact, when I was 15 years old, in 1998, I was drinking at a party and some cops came and broke it up and arrested a bunch of us. Me included for drinking underage. I was a complete jerk. I was cussing him,  resisting, and then I spit in his face. And guess what?  I was slammed into the ground and pretty sure I took a few elbow shots to the ribs. Did I deserve it?  ABSOLUTELY!  To bad there wasn’t cellphone videos back in those days…  My video may have gone viral,  some kid might have made a fortune posting it on YouTube, people might have posted blogs about me!!!  But none of that happened. What happened was my mom met us at the police station, cleaned the blood off my face from where my lip and nose was busted and thanked the officer for handling the situation and assured him it wouldn’t happen again. And you know what?  Everything turned out fine! 

Oh I see, but I’m not black?  “don’t post blogs about things involving race when you are not going to be openminded.”  We are open minded. So open minded in fact that we didn’t view this as a black girl getting taken down by the cops. We saw it as a GIRL getting taken down by the cops. I don’t care if you’re black, white,  yellow, brown,  gay, straight, or Bruce Jenner. You’re a HUMAN. The blog you are commenting on had NOTHING to do with race,  just the actions of what took place. So do you think if this girl was white it would all be ok?  That’s racist…  But because she’s black it’s not ok?  That’s racist…  So in my story, if I was black would it have made the news?  That’s racist…  Its time to let it go!  It sucks, it truly does, that race has to be such a huge issue still in 2015. One day the world will be so mixed that none of this will matter. But until then,  the only people making the race issue a problem is people like you accusing others of being racist when they clearly are not!  Don’t be so hypersensitive!!  I can’t speak on the officers behalf but then again,  I’m  not commenting on what happened,  I’m commenting on your comment. So let’s move on. And please, let’s try and leave race out if it…

Just because YOU most likely feel threatened in the presence of black teens doesnt mean an officer of the law that has probably been in the presence of armed criminals should be threatened by unarmed MINORS…” Now that’s just ignorant. I can speak for wife and myself and tell you, we do NOT feel threatened in the presence of black teens. Hahaha that’s just funny!  Where did you even come up with that!?  We love teenagers!  Any kind!  I used to be a youth pastor,  and I have hopes to become a pastor again and I will tell you this,  I have never felt threatened around any group of people of any age!  I serve such an amazing God that all I wanna do is show people love. No matter their age!  Was this comment about age?  It was wasn’t it?  Or was it the black part again…. And about the officer feeling threatened… Thats his job!  When you come into a situation, you should always prepare for the worst,  and hope for the best. He doesn’t know who is armed or not,  or what the ages of everyone in the area is…  but come on now, this is basic knowledge…  I bet if you were in trouble, and perhaps someone had a weapon on you, and a police office showed up to help but couldn’t see the weapon, I would be willing to bet you would want him to act is if he was threatened, taking all precautions necessary to protect you and himself….  Or who knows, maybe you wouldn’t…  Let’s pray it never happens so we don’t have to find out.

As I keep looking back at your comment to chose what I want to address next, it just seems that you are so blinded by race that that’s all you really care about here. Not right or wrong,  just race. I don’t even know how to keep replying to you.
I just don’t see the world the way you do, and that, I think, is why you need some new perspective! 

The point of what really went on here is a GIRL, no color needs to be stated,  was being rude and disobedient to a POLICE OFFICER. Now, it doesn’t take the smartest of people to understand if you disobey an officer of the law, their are consequences. Now did he handle this situation 100% perfectly, the way he should have?  I don’t know. I thank God I wasn’t put into the situation to find out how I would have reacted. Truth be told,  that’s an extremely stressful situation that no matter how many hours of training you go through,  you never know in the heat of the moment how things are actually going to go down. Tell me Outraged Human, in a moment of anger or stress have you handled every situation perfectly?  I bet there have been situations that you have reacted to that you’re glad were not caught on film. Lucky you huh? 

I have lots of friends who are cops. I have lots of friends who are felons. In today’s world I would hate to be either. Most people today just want to see someone fail. They just want to see someone screw up worse than them so they can point a finger and feel better about their own life. And Outraged Human, I feel that’s exactly what you were doing with your comment. You couldn’t just read someone’s blog, their own personal opinion and let it be exactly that. You felt the need to be aggressive and even ask them to take it down!  Did you feel better after that? 

If I could teach the world one thing, only one,  I would want them to know the feeling of living a life completely founded on love. Loving people,  lifting people up,  encouraging one another. This doesn’t always mean agreeing with their personal opinion, but saying hey,  I respect that, I just don’t see it that way.

So Outraged Human, in conclusion, I still respect your right to say whatever you want,  but I’m hopeing maybe you can see, by what you said,  you didn’t change anything. You didn’t make anything better. Maybe, actually worse. If you’re going to speak out, maybe try to do it in such a way that you can teach something to someone,  or show them how to see your opinion differently so perhaps they can relate. Not just bash them for doing exactly what you were doing,  expressing an opinion. The world is filled with so much hate as is,  it really doesn’t need any more.

I hope to get a comment from you Outraged Human, I really do. And I hope you don’t ask me to take down this blog. Because I won’t. But I do hope you have an excellent day and I hope someone shows you love today, even if you don’t deserve it.

Kelly K

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