Take 5!

So, this is my first “BLOG” in over 5 years! I used to write blogs and things all the time but honestly, when MySpace died, so did my blogs… I tried a few blog sites over the years but I never felt they had the traffic that MySpace did.

Anyway, my wife has started blogging recently and I really enjoy reading hers, So I thought I would start again! However, when I would write before, it was all strictly for comedy and trying to make people laugh!! I still love to make people laugh but my main goal in life now is more on showing people how much God loves them! So that’s what I intend to do here! And if I can make you laugh, that will just be a bonus… haha.

What I really want to do here is help people have a way to stay connected, or growing in Jesus. I completely believe most people go to church on Sunday and worship God and have every intention to get closer to him during the week as well, but then by default and being busy with life, we forget to actually do it. It can be hard to remember to grab your bible in the morning, or stop to read it through out the day… Or to even remember to go to a daily devotional website…. However, we all seem to find the time to go to Facebook and see what others are posting, or click on funny video links… So what I want to do is make this very accessible through Facebook and twitter so that you can take 5 mins in your day to click on the link and actually get encouraged by the word of God or get lifted up by something written here! Then hopefully you will share it with your friends as well!!

I remember in the 90’s there was a commercial on TV that said “Take 5 to stay alive!” meaning take 5 seconds to put on your seat belt and it may save your life. Well, I feel we should use this slogan again in our everyday life, meaning, take 5 minutes a day with God and STAY ALIVE! I totally believe if you aren’t growing, you’re dieing. Being close to God is so much more than going to church on Sundays. But for so many, that’s all we do. If we even do that…  We need to get into a habit of spending time with God every single day, even if its only 5mins a day. And I also believe, if you will commit to giving God 5mins a day, you will start to see your life change!! And then,  that 5 minutes may actually turn into 15, or 30, or even an hour! I remember when I first started trying to spend time with God daily, it seemed so difficult!! Even for just a couple of minuets it was so hard! I would get distracted, I would fall asleep, I wouldn’t remember what I read… But as time went on it got easier and easier. Now it is no problem for me to spend hours at a time reading the Bible and praying! It consumes me, its all I want to do!!

Now I’m not saying I want you all to spend hours a day in prayer or reading the Bible… I mean, unless that’s what you want… haha… I just want to give you all an easy way to spend some time learning about God during your week. Commit that much to God and see what he starts to do in your life! I hope to be able to post praise reports along the way and I want everyone to know you can contact me anytime with questions, prayer requests, or anything else you may need!

I hope that this blog will encourage you and help you through your days, as well as encourage me and help grow me into the Preacher of God’s word that I feel I am called to be!! I have a lot to teach, but even more to learn!


God is good!!

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